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HOMEONE TECHNOLOGIES is an expert in home automation. Established in 2017, is primarily working in the space of a Smart lifestyle. Dealing with the End-to-End aspect of home automation with R&D, designing, manufacturing, installation service & after-sales service. We’ve encompassed quality products, honesty in dealing & reliability in service. Our products- Motion sensor, Motion sensor with LED, Smart Sensor, Smoke / Gas Leak sensor, Customized Touch Switches, Smart Curtain Setup, VDP etc.
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Category: OccuPi Sensor

Powered by WiFi, Works with normal Wifi router ranging upto 30m

Good, Normal range, Secure

The wifi-based operational device works perfectly with minimum variation in human presence & count monitoring giving you freedom from appliance operation from a single place like your Work station, Reading area, or another place where you sit at one place and work helping you save and perform. Integrates with your space BMS system to give a detailed count on electricity used and appliance operated to give you one point operation of controlling appliances.


Model WOS

Technology Wifi

Operation Range Upto 30m

Sensor Range And Detection Height-upto 12ft, Area-upto 6sq.ft

Sensor Lidar

Power Rating 230 VAC



Covers spaces upto 1.2k sq.ft.

Easily can be integrate with you BMS system.

Live notification on smart devices.

Human presence tracking for appliance stable performance.

Handsfree operation



Operation using Wi-Fi

Operation upto 30m

Robust performance




Category: 8 Module Smart Touch Switches

Homeone Technologies, an expert in offering custom Smart touch switches constructed of hardened glass with a sharp finish, provides your house a premium appearance and adds flair to the interior design. Use voice assistants or a mobile application to control your appliances, or operate them manually with a simple touch.



Provide real time updates to your smartphone. Connect any appliance and control via smartphone. Help to make your work hassle free, when reaching out the appliance control anywhere from out of home via smartphone.


Premium scratch-proof hardened glass face plates with diamond cut edges. Live energy analytics with AI enabled Rules framework. Control via App, Voice Command, geo-fencing & Scheduler. Retrofit installation to turn your existing appliances to smart appliances. Child Lock, Cleaning Mode, Sleep Mode.




Category: Wifinity 5 Switch Controller

Power Switch Controller has a modern aesthetic design. Easily hides behind your manual switch board. Now control your high electricity consuming appliances on your smartphone using our smart app.


Decrease your bill, increase your appliance life.


Powered by WiFi




Operation using Wi-Fi

Operation upto 30m

High electricity consumption monitor

AI C.O.R.E, Geo-fencing & Scheduler



Covers large spaces upto normal 2bhk.

Provides real time updates to your smartphone.

Connect any appliance and control via smartphone.

Provides real time updates to your smart phones as soon as device is activated.

Helps to make your work hassle free, when reaching out the appliance. control anywhere from out of home via smartphone.

Boosts smart device within range of upto 30m.



Model WPSC1

Technology WiFi

Operation Range Upto 30m

Device Operation High Consuming Appliances

Power Rating 230 VAC



Category: Smart Sensor (3 sensor in 1)

Smart Sensor for smart home automation, with smart sense technology. Detects human motion and automatically controls temperature and balances the lighting conditions. Energy efficient smart device for smart homes, helps in saving electricity and increases appliance life. Notifies user on their mobile application globally


Operation using Wi-Fi/ Zigbee

• Operation up to 30m/ 60m

• Robust performance

• Plug-an-play

• Instant in-app notification

• Addon Security feature




Category: IR Blaster

Don’t you wish everything could be controlled from your smartphones? Well it can

be. A smart home technology which lets you control all your smart devices from

your smartphones with IR Blaster. Control your TV channel list, or the AC

temperature, vibe with your favorite music and many more smart features



Operation using Wi-Fi/ Zigbee

• Operation up to 30m/ 60m

• 360 IR-based appliance control • Child Mode & Detailed usage monitor

• Instant in-app notification





Category: Battery operated Smart Somke & Gas Leak Detector

Battery Operated Gas & Smoke leak sensor an energy efficient, budget friendly device. Supported by 5000mAH rechargeable battery and has an in-built hooter. It detects the presence of harmful and toxic gases like CO, LPG, CNG, PNG, Methane, Butane in your home and around and alert you with a loud alarm. A plug and play device with a budget friendly price. Provides and extra layer of safety for your loved ones. When fully charged the battery lasts for 06 months in normal mode and 01 year in ultra saving mode.



Modern Design. 5000mAh lithium rechargeable battery supported. Supersense Like Superman. Security & Functionality. Plug-an-play. Instant live notification


It detects almost all kind of combustible gas like Methane, Butane, LPG, CNG, PNG CO2, Smoke within its range. Provides real time siren alert to your as soon as any combustible gas or smoke is detected. Even a minimal ppm of Combustible gas or smoke will alert with loud noise.


Technicals-Model ECO.GSS





Category: Pa PIR Motion Sensor (R)

Stand-alone Motion Sensor a smart home automation device with motion

detection, lighting and add on feature of sensor alarm for surveillance. The smart

device detects your motion and turns on/off your smart home lighting. The device

detects human movement near device vicinity.

Smart Energy Saving- Saves upto 67% on your electricity.


Modern Design

• Super sense Like Superman

• Security & Functionality

• Plug-an-play

• Instant live operation

• Add on hooter option.





Category: PIR Motion Sensor with LED Light (Illume) 18 Watt

Our smart LED light helps you to detect your motion & automatically turns on/off Inbuilt LED lights and only works when detects human motion and negates any animal motion.

The product comes in 4W Wireless, 12W, 15W, 20W


• Super-efficient, Smart, Modern, Energy-saving device

• Convenient and Functional device

• Security & Decorative Smart LED lights

• Plug-an-play

• Instant live detection &




• Motion sensor lighting is perfect for people who need special assistance as they move around the house, and they can see their surroundings safely. • Helps save energy and save money on your next electricity bill. It turns off automatically when nomotion is detected. • Motion sensor lights can be used to illuminate dark areas such as dark corridors, porch, decks, and

backyards, allowing families to safely move through the most difficult spaces in the home. • Motion sensor lighting installed in your home will help prevent injuries and stop potential thieves.





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